this is why

amyive driven about 3,000 rides. most of them are fine. only a few are miserable. but a few are spectacular.

her name was amy. shes a singer songwriter but mostly songwriter.

she wanted to go to the salad store.

shes from nashville.

right away she was apologizing because it wasnt a very far ride and she wondered if i could wait for her at the shop and drive her back to the hotel she was at.

i said of course.

basically when you pay the uber select rate i’m more than happy to do anything as long as its legal.

waiting for a genuinely nice out of towner who has already pre-ordered her salad is no big deal.

as is often the case we hit it off immediately. she loved my car, said it smelled good, which was probably due to the previous pretty girl who i dropped off at The Nice Guy who was all perfumed up.

we talked about music and songwriting and Elvis Presley.

she told me that she didnt “get” The King and i told her that it took me a long time too. i told her that many black ppl agree with Chuck D who said “elvis was a hero to most but he didnt mean shit to me”.

but the more i was exposed to him the more i realized that there was something different about him that helped him elevate above his peers like The Killer and Chuck Berry and the others.

he had a little something special.

i told her that the thing that really got me over the hump with him was the ’68 Comeback Special when he had on his black leather jacket and was sorta halfway between 50s elvis and 70s vegas elvis.

she was taking notes which was cute.

meanwhile she was telling me that she has been writing songs for a while and a couple of years ago someone took one of her tunes to #1 on the country charts. she didnt say it in a bragging way, like i woulda, in fact i had to drag it out of her. thats when i took notes because i didnt know any of the people who had recorded her songs.

we were having such a solid conversation that she said i think i want you to drive me all around so we can keep talking.

instead i parked in front of her hotel and we finished up our talk and thats when i swore she said “wanna pray”?

i said, you wanna pray?

she said yes.

so i took off my Cubs hat and i said a prayer out loud to the Lord right there in my Uber on Melrose.

and those are the types of rides you never forget.