every now and then i get suckered into being a keynote speaker

me in pajamas

i say this repeatedly but no one believes me because i am a fantastic public speaker, but the truth is i do not like public speaking, i barely like private speaking. i prefer blogging, instant messaging, whispering, texting or Instagram private messaging. but my favorite of all is ESP, which i wish we could master but no one seems interested in.

this weekend, it just dawned on me, i have to go to Orange County to speak to college kids about social media. i am NOT looking forward to it. but i was invited by a college professor who i admire greatly because she is doing the Lord’s work and i’d be a huge jerk if i said no. plus im freaking incredible when i rock the mic.

reactionsthe last time i was in OC talking to the kids, it was for the california college journalism awards. i wore pajamas and a robe and told them that their music was terrible – which is something they probably couldnt affect – but they could do something about their journalism. one suggestion i made to them was to subscribe to the Los Angeles Times. i told them that a subscription costs less than three tanks of gas and if they were sincere about a job in journalism it should be a no brainer to omg have the paper delivered to their home so they can see what will be expected of them when they hit the big time.

the reason i wore pajamas is because when i was in college and we went to the california college journalism awards, we from the Daily Nexus wore dresses. i told them i would have worn a super pretty dress, but the other thing i wanted to impress on them was the topic of Change. i told them that often as we grow up we are resistant to change and even journalists need to always be adjusting to the what is happening out there. so instead of a dress i wore pajamas.

sure it was a little embarrassing and the robe made me sweat more than usual and it made me stand out (something i dont really like at all) but hopefully it proved a point: those who resist change are stupid poo poo heads who are probably in the way.

did the kids like what i had to say? of course. i told you, im incredible when i tell it like it is. but if there was an earthquake saturday morning and the whole thing was canceled id breathe a sigh of relief. there are people here in LA who would die for attention. im not that person. every now and then i have something to say and i want some people to hear it, but im ok if it doesnt go viral. im ok if i never end up on tv. im fine if i never have to do a poetry reading or anything like that. let those who need that spotlight have it.

i just want to whisper in your ear and the message is usually the same: im a fucking idiot and i pulled it off. you can too.

maybe i’ll just wear underwear saturday.