it’s been 47 days since Zulieka has posted on her blog


heres the problem with life: it’s fleeting.

the older we get the faster it goes and then justlikethat it’s gone.

did we learn anything? what was life like? all those things become folklore unless we, writers,

which is all of us,

write it down in as much detail or fiction as we can.

today in paris, for example, future readers, terrorists went to a

Eagles of Death Metal concert

shot up the place and bombed it and a few other places

suicide bombed, to be specific, and over 100 people died.

on friday the 13th.

same day beautiful zulieka, out in whereever she is decided, nope this isnt the day i write again.

you know how many stories shes got?

writes 20 times better than me, and always has this hint of sensuality about it.

pariswho doesnt want that every damn day?

bloggers need to be blogging the same way firemen need to pull up those big pants.

we’re volunteer firemen, doing it for the people.

and the people wave and thank us and bring us milk for some reason

and buy our calendars at the Hallmark store in the mall.

zulieka is everyones favorite fireman.

she cant not do her thing.

nobody can replace her.

todays neil youngs birthday.

the millennials, wheres their neil young? gen y didnt have any and the millennials give us none neither.

sometimes the generations behind you cannot replace you and theres this terrible void

write it down.

it doesnt matter that no one is reading it or commenting or sharing it on facebook

almost all of the best writers of olden times were losers

but when that shit got to cable suddenly everyone loved it.

who knows why? no one.

it happened to pinkerton. at first everyone was all meh

then a year later they were like omg.

time takes time, ringo.

but first you have to have something out there for time to do something with.

but the good news is, the older we get the faster time goes.

so make it baby, and put it out there.

Leah and Lindsay partied with me last night, a photo essay

the beautiful and talented photographers from austin are here this weekend to work and have fun.

yesterday they arrived and i treated them to some booze that had them forget everything.

so this morning Leah asked me to text her all the photos from our night.

heres what i sent.


we had a rule that everyone had to drink two drinks at the same time, this was captured best here:


we then went to 1 Oak and saw Beebs and then left for my house to play with my cats

mom, we didnt do anything illegal

we didnt do any blow

we took pics in the kitchen and tried not to wake Jeanine in the living room


then we went to the movies

shia lebouff

the end!