the bible says we’re supposed to chill the fuck out

my house

it says that if you are freaking out, then basically you’re dissing The Lord

because you’re supposed to trust The Lord.

thats the whole point of faith: trust.

and thats the whole point of believing in a Higher Power

you’re supposed to let Him do his thing and enjoy it.

you remember what it was like to drive the lane

dribbling through your legs

looking one way and fake passing to the other

and mid air youd see the eyes of the cheerleaders and some would be like


but in a scared way

and a few of them would be all


but in a do it, baby


and those were the cheerleaders you loved the most

and those were who you’d think of as you were

swinging from the rim

right after

you slammed it home,

and right before

you were called

for a T.

woke up at 5am to start driving at 6am this morning

free acidi was inspired by a passenger who yesterday told me he was gonna be flying out at 5am and asked me if thered be any cars.

i said the sad thing about driving nowadays is there are about 3x as many cars out there as whats needed, so you’ll be fine.

but i have noticed that the very early mornings are better for uber select than at any other time of the day. plus theres no traffic so it’s way easier to actually get to the person and take them where they wanna go.

from 6am to 9:30am i made $92, which made me happy. the best passenger i got was this korean dude who cracked me up the whole time.

i picked him up on wilshire in DTLA. we were headed to the fashion district near MLK and 15th.

i asked him how his morning was going he said his little daughter had kept him up. she was 4 months. he told me that all the good things anyone ever said about babies WERE DIRTY LIES.

“they cry like banshees. they’re not really that cute. terrible conversationalists.” he said.

and worst of all, he said from the back seat, “my wife wants to have another one now!”

i laughed and laughed as he went on. it was comedy.

Guess you’ll have to move to the Valley, I said.

“seriously,” he agreed, noting that he grew up there.

i said, “i keep hearing that the next Echo Park is West Adams.”

he said, “the problem with neighborhoods that are THE NEXT… is that they’re already expensive.”

i said, yes but fortunately ppl are racist and dont wanna cross the 10 with their bundles of joy.

then he told me he has no problems with blacks and mexicans because they have been great neighbors. “i had this one tatted up mexican guy on one side, a big black dude on the other side. we would smoke cigars. we would cook for each other. it was great. you know what wasnt great? the korean who lives next door to me now! kimchee smells terrible at all hours of the night!”

i nearly crashed from laughing.

from now on im going to bed at 10pm so i can do the early morning shift forevers.