woke up at 5am, was out there at 5:30

comptonthe idea was to get one long ride, a good ride, to the airport but from somewhere far if possible.

someone HAD to be going to the airport on the saturday morning before thanksgiving

but no, i didnt get anyone doing that.

what i did get were two brothas getting out of the strip club.

the address was south central and that was fine with me, because this was


the airport.


as we began driving the bigger of the two calls up a woman. it’s maybe 6am.

he starts talking about how those cheeks better be ready when he get there

i was all, this mans booty call game is incredible.

LA was just waking up the sun was bright it was already 72 degrees

a few unlucky working folks were waiting at the bus stop in their sad uniforms

i saw a dog taking a leak

and a bird.

compton in the morning is pretty much as youd expect it to be

saw two houses next to each other that were recently on fire.

they hadn’t been boarded up yet.

the one guy got out and told me to drop off the other guy where he lived

so as we drove i asked him if he had always lived in compton

he said yes.

he was probably 25. light skinned. could be mixed with mexican. hella tattoos.

i said, i gotta ask you, what did you think of straight outta compton

he said he liked it.

we got to his place, he called his sister on my phone

open up the door!

the electric gate in front of their driveway slid back

and in a few minutes i was gone like donkey kong