remembering how different things were just a few years ago when Obama ran against Mitt

“Uhh, Lately I’ve been listening to alot of Jay-z..” If you’re having bank problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but mitts not one. I got, protestors saying, “our economy blows”, and my wallstreet brothers wanna occupy (Clothes?) if you bitches keep saying, “No change, no votes”, I work for the banks, stupid, what types’a threats are those? The gas pump’s where your whole paycheck goes, Been a long time since you was  havin’ cash flows. So, FUCK my critics, you can kiss my “Gas”-hole, if you don’t like my lyrics, then you can hit the road. Who cares about the polls, this election (may show?), if you wanna vote for mitt? I don’t give a SHIT. So, (Newsmags try to use my ass?), So advertisers give them more cash, for ads. Fuckers, I don’t know what you take me as, but understand the intelligence Obama has! Riches to rags bitches, I ain’t dumb, I got 99 problems but Mitt’s not one! huehuheuhe 99 Problems, but mitt ain’t one! with all your bank problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but mitt ain’t one! Hit me! The year’s 2009, and the White House is mine, but the economy’s in full-motherfucking-decline, My choices at the time were to shit on the poor, or to fellate the banks to get elected once more. Now, I’m not trying to fight, J.P Morgan-Chase got their campaign dollars so I could win the race. So I, sucked their dick and watched the country implode, I heard “Son, do you know how to cheat the Tax code?” Well, I’m young and I’m rich, and my tax rate’s low, don’t I look like a 1%’er? Mitt, you would know! Did I pass your test, or should I get some mo’? “No, just tell us what you sent down to mexico!” Eh, If you think I’m stepping down from office for trafficking weapons in their drug cartels, war, I ain’t steppin’ down from shit, because this president’s legit. “Well, do you mind if we see that birth certificate?” All my records are blocked you conspiracy hack, and I know my rights, so you gon’ need a warrant for that! “Wow, aren’t you sharp as a tack, are you some type of lawyer or something?” Well I’m not a lawyer for nothing! I passed the bar, so I know quite a bit, enough that you don’t stand a fucking chance mitt! “Well lets see how smart you are when the election comes.” I got 99 problems, but this bitch ain’t one! huehuheueh 99 problems, but mitt ain’t one! With all your bank problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but mitt’s not one! Criminal, fraud, repression, deceit, I murder and I plunder through the world elite! We invade countries so we have all they own! “I have a dream!” Well, I have a drone. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ten years ago today tsar opened up for juliette lewis and the licks

juliete and the licks

i was working for buzznet at the time and we had many missions but one of them was we wanted to inspire kids to take interesting pictures from concerts that they attended and post them on buzznet instead of myspace.

so one of the things that i did as community manager was lead by example.

at the office we had a canon rebel or it was mine or i bought one or they bought one for me. who knows. i used it that night.

i ran around the troub trying to find the right spot, but it was hard, it was really dark

juliete and the licks

i was nervous because at the office there was a lot of strife. more specifically, i caused a lot of strife because i never kept my mouth shut. for some reason i thought it was ok for me to speak my mind. i was wrong. thus the strife. whatever, i thought im gonna just prove my points, single handed, all the time and then people will start believing that i know what im talking about.

juliete and the licksjuliete and the licks

but i was wrong again. nothing i did convinced anyone.

juliete and the licks

weirdly, i had experienced something like this before in my life, when i was younger.

i learned that this was going to be a no-win situation.

when i realized it, i started getting super sick. like puking all the time.

symbolism for all the things i was stifling all of a sudden.

juliete and the licks

but at the tsar / juliette lewis show i felt fantastic. i knew that no matter how good my pics were someone was gonna say something dumb.

juliete and the licks

but i knew that in ten years id look at them and id say, damn, those are the best canon rebel pics of a tsar show ever.

juliete and the licks

after i got fired i got a job at LAist and everyone lived happily ever after.

it’s ali and katie’s birthday week, they’re 24

ali and katie

usually im intoxicated when im with them. who knows why.

last night we were out with a group of friends to celebrate ali’s technical birthday.

today is katie’s technical birthday and last night katie and i shared an uber

in which i told her my secret plan of college domination.

katie and ali are very fun, a little too smart, and know way more about music than girls their age should.

it can be a bit unnerving sometimes so you just keep drinking and try not to figure it out.

robots? androids? shapeshifters? yes. probably. partially.

and sometimes the good lord just says lets mix some of the hippie gen with some of the rock gen

with some of this unforgivable edm gen for flavor and see what happens.

the results: good things happen.

this morning i thought someone had stolen my wallet.

it was in a bag, in the fridge, of leftovers from last night.


thats your souvenir from hanging with these girls on their birthday.