just like in the xbi, there arent a lot of commercial black pilots

babe the pilot

so when my family flew from chicago to vegas yesterday and they saw a black pilot they were all

do you know tony pierce?

brotha said who? they said xbi. chopper one?

homie said, busblog?

and, to quote donald trump, bing bang bong, our little angel babe was the new co-pilot

and everyone got free popcorn.

babe loves popcorn.

so yeah, now we’re all out here in sin city, which is an interesting place for little kids to be

there was once a time when vegas catered to kids, but im pretty sure that time is gone, thankfully.

but i do know that its still the time for adults, so im gonna be a terrible uncle and stay drunk all day

and then eat all night and get drunker. that way they know that booze is bad and they should stay away from it.

life lessons from drunk uncle.