1. Sunday, November 29, 2015

    someone asked me if i was a political junkie 

    ccr at the taco bell in slo

    im not a political junkie. im no a heroin junkie. im not a tv junkie.

    i like things in reasonable amounts.

    i like buffets because you dont have to deal with all of the nonsense. pay your money, sit down, walk over, fill your plate, get sick.


    for a while i was an uber junkie. i wanted to be driving at all times. it was crazy. i was crazy.

    its still in my head. if you ask me when we can hang out, i’ll say sundays because every other day i want to uber.

    this weekend i didnt wanna uber but i did anyways. the roads were empty but so were all of the hotels.

    no one wanted a ride and there were like triple the uber drivers in my regular spots than normal.

    so i drove home and reconsidered things i should be a junkie about.

    drive thrus