1. Monday, November 2, 2015

    Taco Bell executive fired for assaulting Uber driver 

    First let’s thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet, dash cameras, and JUSTICE.

    i wonder how things went down many moons ago when people got bitch slapped before cameras were everywhere.

    now they’re even in Ubers and can capture bad drunks being bad drunks.

    i wonder how easy/hard it would have been to get a Taco Bell honcho shitcanned if a mild mannered Uber driver just filed a police report and claimed that the drunk guy in question tried to beat his head up against the window as he was driving.

    for my birthday my momma got me a $100 gift card for Amazon, my favorite store.

    pretty sure imma get the Falcon Dashcam that goes for $139 and install it in my ride ASAP because if this can happen in Newport Beach – a place my mom likes to time share – imagine what happens in Hollywood.

    or, what could happen in Hollywood.

    I’ve had to kick out people before and it’s never a smooth operation. I really wish I had a dash cam back then to document them.

    the xbi frowns upon said technology. we’re supposed to handle problems in the shadows, but thankfully this driver shared his story with the world and now Taco Bell has one less exec with drinking issues.

    which is good news for all of us.

    the scary part is now that Uber had booted the passenger from its system i wonder if he is taking Lyft or drinking/driving?