1. Thursday, November 5, 2015

    ten years ago today i was in vancouver 

    dear rock and roll

    matt good invited me up, so i drove up

    i saw two of his shows and met lots of my blog friends

    as well as some new friends.

    in a cool episode, i met smelly danielly for the first time

    and i had an extra backstage pass on me for some reason

    and i knew she was a huge fan of matts so i brought her back there to see her freak out

    but canadians dont really freak out.

    it was also, i think, the first time i met chad.

    and it was the first time that chad and danielle ever met

    and now, ten years later, they are married with an adorable son.

    of course i made a photo essay about it because thats what i did back then.

    and of course it looks crappy with todays technology aka its not responsive design.

    but it brings back some very nice memories of one of my first times in canada.