the bible says we’re supposed to chill the fuck out

my house

it says that if you are freaking out, then basically you’re dissing The Lord

because you’re supposed to trust The Lord.

thats the whole point of faith: trust.

and thats the whole point of believing in a Higher Power

you’re supposed to let Him do his thing and enjoy it.

you remember what it was like to drive the lane

dribbling through your legs

looking one way and fake passing to the other

and mid air youd see the eyes of the cheerleaders and some would be like


but in a scared way

and a few of them would be all


but in a do it, baby


and those were the cheerleaders you loved the most

and those were who you’d think of as you were

swinging from the rim

right after

you slammed it home,

and right before

you were called

for a T.