today is danielle’s birthday, shes 24


the reason i believe in the Lord is because i was very depressed working at E! and the good Lord literally brought an angel to me.

from the very first time that we met we totally hit it off.

she was the most bubbly, alive person in the whole joint.

she made everything fun, even though none of it was fun


her real job was to figure out with me how we were going to get her shows into the post production rooms

and in the studio.

so many of the people who i had to work with were not very fun because they too were depressed.

but when it was time for danielle to come down and work on the schedule it was a joy.

such a joy that we would have lunch almost every day and have beautiful photoshoots


every now and then we would venture to my house for some reason

perhaps it was because she wanted some after-work Thai food

maybe it was so we could just get as far away from work as possible

and try new props for our shoots.


who knows, who cares. all i know is many of the pictures ended up on this blog and you all loved her as much as i did

and still do.

she is the only reason to visit san dieger. shes the only reason that boring place is still in the USA

i cant believe its been 24 years since shes moved down there.

in a perfect world shed move back up here and live next door to me and all will be well in the world again

but life doesnt spin that way. right now shes being an angel where its most needed.

so we should be grateful for the beautiful times we had together.

happy birthday danielle!!