when you drive the rich to their homes in the palisades at night

planet terror

and you overhear their conversations and the things that are important to them

it makes you think, would i be any different if i was in their shoes?

would i care about getting 5% more off new tenants than old tenants?

would i care about the new jet that goes from miami to LA on the 7am flight.

and how the old jet was better?

last night i had the perfect odd couple. two neighbors who had been eating in the 90210.

dudes. a little older than me in age but total dads. rich dads.

the one was all about business and control. he questioned everything my GPS was suggesting.

the other only wanted to talk about his kid in little league.

i drove them to huge homes.

christmas lights were all over the neighborhood already.

really really nice ones.

priorities are everything.

im glad you’re mine.

and by you, i mean freedom.