today is Foxxy’s birthday, shes 24

foxxy and JaG

back when everyone and their mother had a blog, Foxxy (pictured, left) had one that i loved.

she musta loved mine too because she borrowed my disclaimer of “nothing in here is true”.

the first time i ever met her was the last time i ever met her, im pretty sure, although now im not so sure.

i think we all gathered at Keira-Anne’s bachelor apartment and walked along Lake Vancouver and then watched all the fireworks off the barge.

and drank. omg. and drank.

i said, Foxxy you’re even prettier in real life than i ever imagined, how about lets keep drinking after all these fireworks?

she said, and do what?

i said, do you remember that awesome black girl from Holland, Just A Girl?

she said, yeah.

i said, she’s in town too, and she’s gonna meet me at my hotel at midnight and im gonna show her my new breakdance moves.

Foxxy was all, Just a Girl is really gonna be at your hotel at midnight? You? Dumbass busblog?

I said, yeah!

Foxxy said, fine but if we are there any later than 12:01 and theres no JustAGirl then i’m out.

and as you can see from this photo they were amazed by my dance moves.