i have a great idea for LAist

tumblr_nzd2fayO1V1qa4iv8o7_r1_500why LAist?

because you should always give back to where you came from

and other than Lake Park High

Santa Monica College

the College of Creative Studies starring Robyn Bell

the Daily Nexus

and the world famous busblawwwwg,

without LAist i would be selling women’s shoes next to Al Bundy right now in some mall wishing i had the courage to jump off the parking structure.

instead im balls deep in love with you and you and you with so many Cubs hats i don’t even know what to do with them all.

things are so good i was once dating this girl in college. true story. and when her parents found out i was black told her, if you dont break up with him – for your own good – we will disown you – for your own good. now some 25 years later that woman has seen the error of her ways and sent me a Christmas card the other day with a gift inside valued at $50.

thats how good things are going.

Love always beats ignorance and fear. the Cubs will win the World Series. the nipple will finally be free.

and thats why i just gave this million dollar idea to LAist because they were there for me when no one else was. when i was tired and poor and hungry and no one except for mildly popular on the blogosphere begging people to buy my blook.

LAist was there to trampoline me into real success. and i will always love them for that. and of course God.

and if they dont say yes I’ll give it to the Weekly who once put me in their People of LA issue which i’ll never forget neither.