1. Thursday, December 17, 2015

    25 years ago tonight i partied with these hippies 


    i had two groups of friends at ucsb, my nexus friends and my hippie friends.

    the last thing i ever thought i would turn into when i went to santa barbara was a hippie

    but these people got me. and got me good.

    it starts with the love. so much pure pure love. not that the nexus didnt have it too,

    they did, but these kids, we went through it.

    i dont remember ever being as poor as i was with them, or as happy.

    yes winning best in state at the nexus was pretty close

    but i lived with these people. couches were slept in.

    trips were taken.

    i learned so much with them, from the dorms

    through today.

    it’s probably not fair to compare the nexus and the hippies

    but the circles intersected with one person: greg mcilvaine

    he was in san nic dorm too, and we were friends, and he loved thirsty thursdays and all that

    and when greg met the nexus, thats when you get Mons Pubis

    the perfect melding of hard rock (the nexus) and psychedelia (pictured, above).

    i am the luckiest man in the world not because of the things ive seen and touched

    but because of the people ive had the great great fortune to meet and party with.

    it blows my mind that we got “dressed up” for our Christmas party,

    which we put together because we knew it would be our last one all together,

    twenty five years ago.

    why didnt anyone tell us that time flies