today and tomorrow and there goes 2015

Original Oil Painting by the artist Matt Storyi feel like i should be doing something of importance as the earth completes its journey around the sun this year.

yesterday i took my first drive as a Lyft driver. it wasn’t bad. mama mia is there little money to be made though. a 15 minute drive will only net you $4 or $5. They say a good chunk of them tip you but you dont see your tips right away, and i still have yet to have seen mine.

they have this nice bonus situation going where if you work 30 hours you get half of Lyft’s commission back. and if you work 50 hours you get all of it back. sorta love that. especially on weeks like this where i dont have to work my real job.

the passengers were pretty nice. one kid sat up front. everyone else was in the back. i like that better.

the roads were nearly empty which was a dream. LA is wonderful but 100x wonderful when you can traverse across its vast expanses. when you can just drive down Melrose and not hit a light or deal with 25 other cars dawdling along is the best Christmas gift of all.

and you of course.

it’s been cold at night here in LA. 40s. definitely two blankets. my house is drafty. but the space heater does its job.

last night i picked up this kid sort near my house. i dont know anyones ages any more. he was headed to Glendale, where he said he grew up. is going to college at SC. he was telling me about one of his roommates who comes home drunk or high “or whatever” and plays his bad music really loud. i asked him, dont you tell him to put on his headphones? he said, he’s too high to hear me.

i said, i dont think he’s high, i think hes probably a dick.

kid says, well i dont know anything about that, ive never done any drugs.

i said, nothing?

he said, nothing.

i said, and i know this is weird, but you really should try weed at least when you’re in college.

he said, i should?

i said, heres why, say you dont. say you just study, you get a good job somewhere like a bank. and the bank does great that year and sends the whole staff to mexico for a long weekend. and everyone gets drunk and this hot little mexican girl offers you a joint. let me tell you this, my good friend, you dont want your first experience of any drug or booze to be in front of your coworkers in a situation where you have something to lose.

you dont want to start acting like your crazy roommate in front of your boss.

get all that business handled at the frat house or in your dorm room with your barely legal friends in the safety of south central.

i better get a huge tip from that dude.