2015 in the rear view


ernie banks died

jon stewart was still on tv

uber is worth $40 million

some dude tried to bash down my front door


saw breakfast at tiffany’s for the first time

took my mom and the truest to the Oscars

chilled with Seana and her family at the Rainbow

the demons were exorcized from Jeanine


omg i was social

hating ourselves is what the devil wants

bukowski never whined

Isabella Rosellini’s mom writes Cary Grant

they sent theo epstein from boston to chicago

GOP leaders called traitors on cover of Daily News

aprildeath and beauty


white out on sunset

caitlin jenner

the cure for writers block

katie bain in the presence of jack white

i made some folding money in that desert


went to the new kanpai (which wasnt great then, but its way better now)

the stones played the fonda

loved the new mad max times a hundred

drugsloved lana del rey at the bowl times two hundred

i let patrick pitt explain the mayweather fight and boy did he


my secret phone rang and i picked it up

after seeing “Gentlemen’s Agreement” for the first time

why mtv is bound to come back in a big way

made an incredible trade in fantasy

theres no i in exctement


omg deflategate

pablo picasso was never called an asshole

how i got your tickets

had lunch with the hollywood hippie

found out why westwood is screwed

omg the kkk


saw the cubs at dodger stadium with todd y lily

omg erik erickson

born to run turns 40

hot babe asks me to take her to the taco stand

burned a bridge with the nyt, nbd (let it burn)

ask tony


bree was all wanna? i was like sure.

one less boehner in the house

one of my passengers wrote about me

this is how they get you

hashtag love

amy winehouse woulda been 32 today


former cub refused taxi service at LAX in 2015

im a cat lady

letterwas this close to courtney love on my bday thanks to jeanine

was this close to weezer thanks to ali

uber strike


how to fix our gun problem simply and (mostly) constitutionally

im not the best uncle

how to get rich with uber/lyft in vegas

my 3 year old niece is a pilot now, nbd

omg Compton

the LAT loses a huge part of their paper


omg Miss Colombia

new Star Wars: meh

25 years ago i partied with these hippies

omg disney

LA shut down all their schools

i have a great idea for LAist, i blog it, they say yes in the comments. it starts next month