palm reader said i have commitment issues

jimii asked her how long would this session be.

the great thing about blogging is you can change the subject whenever you want.

same with snapchat

same with insta

same with last night i was invited to the LAist Christmas party.

it was very nice of them to reach out to such an old man as me.

and it was super close to my house.

as i walked there i thought about what advice i would have for them and at the top of the list was have fun.

i like what theyre doing but i dont see the fun as much as i used to. people should have fun. especially young ppl.

when i got there i realized i didnt know what anyone looked like and for some reason i thought someone would recognize me – or my Cubs hat, but alas, no. no such thing. just lots of young people everywhere drinking, dressing well, being reasonable.

jimiso i left, somewhat relieved, because i dont wanna tell people how to live their lives. as the Clash said in Career Opportunities “do you really wanna be a cop?”

but then i passed a bank that used to be a liquor store and i got super pissed off because it dawned on me that the bank probably owned the land and was the landlord of the liquor store and the bank probably raised the rent super high so as to kick the liquor store out and then the bank put up a bank in the spot.

so i turned around to tell the good people of LAist, this is what you should be investigating and writing about. weird ills in your hood. weird 1% nonsense like how many banks have popped up in LA over the last few years. why now? we need banks less than ever. meanwhile when was the last time you saw a liquor store in Los Feliz hurting?

i wanted to tell them that shits fucked in LA and the LA Times cant cover it all because shits fucked over there too and they just dont have the bodies. you dont have the bodies either but you have your body. you walk down the street and notice things. you have friends who see shit. talk. then research. then write it down. these skills will help you in the future. trust me. i was no straight a student. no one handed me shit.

plus i have the attention span of a

heres three movies i wanna see soon:


The Big Short

The Martian