dear tony, but i dont want to tip my uber driver

when uber was fun

Tony, I love you. But I really don’t support your request that people tip drivers. If the official policy is there is no tipping, I am not going to believe you if you say you pay taxes on that income like everyone else who makes tips. Of all the laws Uber wants to circumvent, you don’t want to pay taxes on tips either? When Uber changes its policy, I will tip well as I always do. Until then, no. What am I missing? – KB

Dear KB,

If your concern is people paying taxes on tips, do you question every other person you tip and wonder what they’re doing at H&R Block?

Uber’s policy was “the tip is included” but after years of slashing fares it was obvious that on a $4 minimum ride there was no longer a tip included so Uber quietly changed its policy to “no tip is necessary.”

tip your uber driverMeanwhile Uber has raised its commissions on drivers (in my case from 5% to 28%) and it’s own tip from passengers (hilariously called The Safe Riders Fee) from $0 to $1.80 per ride. Uber also raised its fee if two people want to Split The Fare from $0 to 50 cents on each of the passengers. AND they have now started to charge 50 cents more if you bring a friend with you in an Uber Pool.

So Uber has figured out more and more creative ways to increase their revenue on rides while drivers’ income has dramatically declined.

They have never explained why they don’t have a tip button on their app. Lyft implemented one and you’ve never heard passengers say that feature created a poor experience. If anything drivers prefer to drive for Lyft primarily because after a 20 ride day theyve earned enough in tips to fill up their tank of gas.

But if you are waiting for Uber to change its tip policy – or any policy – into something beneficial for its drivers, you’ll be waiting a long long time. Uber, a company valued at several tens of billions of dollars, does not do things to help drivers. It only does things to help itself. Which is why when I use ridesharing I almost always use Lyft. Mostly because it’s easier to tip the hard working drivers who are using their own cars, paying their own gas, paying their own insurance, and being paid less today than they were a year ago to do the same exact job.