dear world famous busblog

adelei must apologize to you. this has been the least prolific year on this fine blog… since last year.

the trend is super sad. for years this blog averaged between 700 to over 900 posts a year.

last year it sunk to a measly 586 and this year it looks like it wont even break 500.


we know what the easy excuse is: uber. back in the day a man would write a little something before work, then write something during his lunch break, and then write something magnificent once he made it home. but now i go out to lunch almost every day at work (expensive in the long run, but enjoyable) and then uber after work for a couple hours. once i get home im pooped.

yes too pooped to write. too pooped to tell you my dreams and accomplishments. too pooped to tell you about my sorrows and tribulations. too pooped to create the incredibleness people have come to expect from this url.

which is ironic because if you ax me, the best stories ive told over the last few years on this page have been about all the interesting people ive met and the crazy ish ive seen.

so heres my pre-new years resoulution to you, my dear blog of magic: theres 365 days in a year (give or take) if i blog twice a day every day thats well over the pathetic 500 posts ive typed this year. so two a day is all we ask. every day. like a real blogger. like who i used to be. like who i can be.

and unlike in other years, one will be nuts and bolts what i did. the second will be some weirdness. because as i sat around all day today watching movies and tv shows and video games, i realized that the weirder something is the more i like it and this blog has turned less than weird, which is sad because since only a fraction of people read this compared to what it used to be, that should open up more avenues for experimentation.