heres the crazy thing about america

it’s yours for the taking.

we want hamburgers with hotdogs and potato chips on it.

there was a time when you couldnt go to a drive thru and say I WANT THE NUMBER 27 and there it was in your bag with fries and a Coke.

there was a time when blacks couldnt drink from the same water fountains as the whites. not even in Washington DC!

there was a time when there was no internet, thus there was no pornography. but Al Gore changed all that.

there was a time when Al Gore was the president but then there was a time when the Supreme Court said,  geez guys, stop counting the ballots!

there was a time this very blog would get 40-50 comments on every post, like no problem.

there was a time when i could say in a post Show Me Your Pajamas and some smart alecks would ball up their onesies and take a picture

but there was also a time when someone curvy and beautiful would slink into their bippy top and busblog panties and take that picture too.

what im getting at is everything changes, mostly for the better, but there are pitfalls and booby traps and landmines and accidents

there are detours and sabotages and ecoli and brain tumors

but for every one of those there are also giant breakthroughs in technology, art, love, and rock n roll.

i know things look dire right now and the next Big Answer might not come from the USA

but odds are it will.

probs from me.