i cant stop thinking about miss colombia

miss colombiaand how her life is ruined now and no one loves her any more

and no one wants to give her a job

and she’ll probably be deported out of colombia for being a loser

because second place is as bad as last place

and she’ll have to be a refugee in america

but no one likes refugees here any more and theyre gonna just blow up the statue of liberty because it has the nerve to say bring me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to be free

and your sorta hot beauty queens who got mistaken as miss universes yearning to bring peace to the world

all of her business cards now have to be re-done to say First Runner Up

i mean every school kid knows all the names of all the miss universes, but does any one even remember the name of one first runner up? seriously. they dont even test for that. thats not even extra credit. thats not even a bonus round. thats not even in Jeopardy because not only is it impossible but no one cares: Name ANY first runner up for Miss Universe?

Ken Jennings wouldnt even be able to do that. but i told her, it’s ok Miss Colombia, now someone can say you, Miss Colombia, you are the first first runner up that someone can name. she said really? i said, yes of course. really! and she was so happy to hear it that she got even newer business cards that now read.

the first First Runner Up that you can name.

and once again the world famous busblog

is right there for yr ass