i have a brilliant idea that i know would work

puppetid make a bunch of money off it. id finally be able to buy a house.

i could help my mom retire.

it would actually help people, particularly young journalists.

and it might even help someone who was very generous to me a while back.

only problem is this: it would mean i would take me out of LA.

i freakin love LA.

LA is my Lady.

i like my two jobs. i like my friends. i like my crib. i like my car.

one of these days imma join a gym and i’ll like my bod.

i like that i can see the Cubs play every game on MLB.tv on my two giant tvs.

pretty girls still smile back at me, miraculously, when i smile at them.

why would i want to upset that apple cart?

why would i want to begin the beguine?

why would i want to ruin all the good things ive got going on?

those are the thoughts that go through my head when i hesitate even scribbling down the proposal.

on the other hand, i think, how long can this current good thing last?

uber is doing its best to replace me with cheaper help, even robots.

plus you and i both know im never gonna join that dumb gym.

and the world is gonna end soon, no doubt.

why not make a mark, a big mark, while you can.

especially if others will benefit in positive ways?

at work the video team did this interview with sarah silverman the other day.

she said sometimes the hardest part is just getting up and taking that first step

after that everything’s super easy.

let me find my other pizza sock and i’ll tell you how it goes.