1. Thursday, December 3, 2015

    if rock and roll killed a couple of people every day 

    hendrixrock n roll would be illegal

    if raves killed 12 people one day,

    and 3 people the next day,

    and 8 people the day after that

    dumbass raves would be illegal by the end of the month.

    if chicken fried steak killed people

    and babies

    and kids

    and moms

    and United States veterans who had just returned home from serving our country

    day after day after day after day

    you wouldnt see anyone being allowed to sell no chicken fried steak

    and if someone asked you why? youd look at them like theyre crazy and youd say, fool havent you heard that these fucking things have killed innocent people in multitudes

    every damn day?

    mankind has never had more information at its disposal at one time ever

    we have never had more computers, artificial intelligence, or data

    than we do right now.

    if we just keep letting this fucking chicken fried steak kill our mommas and

    neighbors and babies and swimsuit models

    we’re going to go down as the most

    chicken shit

    group of cowards ever

    for not being strong enough to say, you know, you’re right, we can’t handle this.

    raves have to go.

    we’ll learn a new way to rock.