1. Thursday, December 24, 2015

    not only does shit happen but we’re lucky it does 

    cheesecakethe knuckleball isnt thrown with the knuckles

    it’s thrown with the finger


    the goal is to throw the ball with absolute

    zero spin on it

    so the wind will take over

    and zig it this way

    and then drop it


    when theres a knuckleball pitcher, the catcher puts on a different (bigger) mitt than he normally uses

    because even he won’t know where the ball is gonna land.

    it turns out the randomness of nature, in this example, minor changes in wind patterns

    is better at fooling batters than pinpoint accuracy.

    happy accidents. the joy luck club. putting the ball in mother natures hands. letting go of the illusion of control. mastering that which cannot be tamed.

    because of its difficulty and its steep downside, there are very few professional knuckleballers in the game today.

    if i was 12 years old right now, theres only one pitch i would be working on

    every day, all day