got a massage this morning as my car was being washed

ozzz visiting john lennon

it was one of those chair massagers. this one cost $1 for 1 minute or $5 for 15 minutes.

this car wash on La Cienega always takes about 15-20 minutes to wash and dry your car so i splurged.

i dont know if it’s the gloves im wearing or the fact that im driving less

or the fact im not taking these pills any more the xbi slipped under my door

but my back and my hands and my arms all feel so much better.

but every now and then my lower back will want to break and i literally fall to my knees.

so ive been walking a little more and doing these back stretches and today i got a $5 massage

while staring at some terrible amateur paintings of a lady sitting on a chair.

this is the glamour life of a social media superstar who drives a benz for uber on the side

and flies the skies at night in a black helicopter for the xbi.

yesterday jeanine made the most amazing pork roast.

it was day four of me not being able to find my cable remote.

so i ordered a replacement off ebay.