people offer to do things with me and im all omg that sounds exhausting

internet explorerthings that when i was a younger man i would not have believed that they are true.

outrageous activities fall in several categories:

– things that make me feel better about myself

– things other people might think, damn tony is so cool

– things that would make me rich

– things that would look great on instagram

– things that would help me grow spiritually

– things that would help me discover my place in society

– things involving rihanna

– things that involve dressing up in uncomfortable clothes

at this stage of my life the only things that i want to do are things involving rihanna, as i know that all of the other things, to me, at least, are various levels of bs that have no real meaning in the grand scheme of things.

spirituality, like love, hit you when you’re not trying. like good poops they cant be forced.

and everything else are the things of frat boys, thus worthless.

this weekend i got to hang out a little with my friends and that was better than all of the likes on instagram and all of the fan letters from cheerleaders and all of the tea in china.

i used to think i wanted to write books but for what reason? usually the reasons were pure like

“i have the best title for a book, now ive gotta fill up 111 pages with something.”

or “it’s christmas, lemme make something great for my friends. i know: a book!”

but nowadays the only book i would make for them would be so filthy theyd have to hide it from their adorable kids, and thats not a nice thing to make to honor the birth of the baby messiah.

i probably need to go to europe soon to reevaluate and recalibrate. maybe afrique. maybe japan.

prob with japan is i dont think i could sleep very well there.

maybe i just need a massage and some soul food

with rihanna.