quentin tarantino is my favorite director

the hateful eight

so of course i went to the academy screening of his new film.

unfortunately i had so many high expectations and only a few were realized.

its a three hour movie which is ok in the daytime but this one started at 7:30pm

and because im an olde man i was very worried id fall asleep in my chair.

but fortunately that didnt happen because this is a very subtle movie in parts (and not at all in others)

id give it a solid B because Sam Jackson and JJL give spectacular, nomination worthy, performances

and the others in the ensemble are very good as well.

70mm projection, for this, didn’t really sell me on the technology.

for some reason i thought django was prettier was better to look at.

afterwards kurt russell, JJL, Sam, QT, the editor, the costume designer and the producer had a panel

so QT explained how he decided to make this film. he said he watched a lot of TV westerns like Bonanza.

but it didnt feel like that. it felt like Reservoir Dogs in a cabin. but a little more refined.

QT deserves a screenwriting nomination as well, but overall, i was slightly disappointed.

i know, im weird.