1. Friday, December 18, 2015

    the best of 2015 on the busblog 

    white motel

    it’s been another year down the drain. hard to believe the busblog has been here for you (nearly) every day since august of 2001, but yep. some of us have nothing better to do than love you. heres some of what went down:

    january: andrew sullivan quit blogging today: good

    february: saw breakfast at tiffany’s last night for the first time

    march: took my mom and the truest to the oscars

    april: drove ppl all around coachella all day and all night

    may: david letterman quits everything interesting

    june: mtv hates money and power and success and especially music

    july: interviewed an oscar winning screenwriter and wow did it turn out cool

    august: LA is a city on the planet and the NYT is on it!

    september: bree took me to see kanye west play the hollywood bowl and it was weird man

    october: weezer played the youtube spot and it was super fun like omg

    november: the best things i bought off amazon this year

    december: had a beautiful persian princess in my car last night

    you probably liked different stuff better. and you’re probably right. fortunately nothing in here is true.