the most important thing we can be is ourselves

juliette lewis with lemmy kilmister of motorheadthe reason we’re so sad tonight is because theres no substitute for Lemmy

he was his own man.

he was himself.

he was not a copy of a copy of a copy of something that was once popular.

you didnt hear Motorhead songs on the radio. didnt see any videos. Lemmy was never on the cover of the rolling stone. AND GOOD. Lemmy wasn’t theres. Motorhead was ours.

you could try to wear that shirt but it was better than a Harley shirt. it was so evil looking. so cool. better than a Maiden shirt. on par with a Priest shirt. and a thousand times better than Kiss shirt. and as great as you might think it looked on you, it was so much better on a lady bartender on the other side of the Grapevine.

i knew he was sick. i didnt even bother to get tickets to the show he ended up cancelling. i didnt wanna see him in any other way than on top.

he was on top a few years ago when i saw him at Coachella. Slash came out to play a tune with him and even though the festival was all about groovy little sensitive this one or that one or “trippy” little robot acts, it was so refreshing to see a man dressed in black with a civil war cap on and and a native american bolo tie come out spread his legs and growl into a mic thats pointing down as if St. Peter himself is holding it from above

rainbowwhispering sing it fucker

sing it.

when i heard the news today i was in beverly hills waiting in vain for the Sirius metal channel Ozzy’s Boneyard to stop the tape and break into some nice long blocks of Motorhead, Hawkwind and some of his associates like Dio and Sabbath.

and then i realized i wasn’t all that far from the Sunset Strip, so i parked in front of the Rainbow, Lemmy’s home away from home.

to be honest, it was a little annoying in there because hardly anyone seemed to know the news and half of those on the outside patio were watching Monday Night Football.

fucking Journey was on the jukebox.

i was thinking about ordering a Jack & Coke, Lemmy’s drink, but that’s his drink, not mine. i asked the lady for an IPA and got one.

then Rush came on the jukebox. then Black Label Society. at least we were getting there. then Motorhead finally. then Guns n Roses. at that point i just got up and put $5 in the machine and dialed up 7-8 tunes befitting of THE MOMENT.

one of the football watchers approached the bar and asked the bartender lady if it was true about Lemmy. she said they could not confirm or deny it.

i said, Ozzy tweeted it out about 20 minutes ago.

and we all agreed there could be no one better

or cooler

to confirm your death than Ozzy.

which is probably the best tribute to Lemmy of the night.

other than this one.

a waitress waiting for her drinks told the bartender lady, you should see my texts, everyones asking if it’s true about Lemmy.

but if they were really my friends, she sneered, they’d know already.