1. Thursday, December 3, 2015

    the night stp won sxsw 

    scott weiland at sxsw

    the last time i went to texas to see the greatest show on earth, south by southwest,

    where over 1,000 bands rock in every nook and cranny of downtown austin over four days

    the year was 2010 and the unlikely quartet of stone temple pilots beat all the other bands.

    they had reunited, were preparing to drop a self titled album,

    and put on an entirely delightful 75-minute show of hits and new tunes

    at the 4,400 seat Austin Music Hall.

    i was shocked.

    just as i am tonight to hear that their singer, scott weiland died tonight.

    i shouldnt have been shocked about either:

    stp has way more hits than theyre given credit for

    and scott weiland has been a wild gentleman for quite a while.

    but still, im sad tonight.