1. Monday, December 14, 2015

    the year the cubs won the world series 


    my favorite team, the chicago cubs, will probably win the world series this year

    it’s been over 100 years since they last won it but this year looks to be it.

    last year we won something like 97 games,

    then beat the mighty pirates in the one game playoff

    then beat the cardinals, who had won 100 games, in the playoffs

    but then lost to the mets, who were on fire, in the nlcs.

    but it was cool, half of our best guys (seen above dressed as princesses) were rookies.

    our third basemen won the rookie of the year,

    our pitching ace won the cy young

    our manager won manager of the year

    we have the best GM, the genius, theo epstein

    who in the last few weeks got us the best free agent outfielder

    aka the cardinals best player, jason heyward

    jason heyward

    he got us the cardinals best pitcher (if ERA is all that matters), john lackey


    and then he got us the heart of the world champion KC Royals, ben zobrist

    Ben Zobrist

    and just for you, and you, he picked up the Yankees best swingman

    adam warren

    adam somebody or another.

    for cub fans, Christmas came early.

    since this is a historic year where it all seems like destiny is about to reach the chicago cubs

    long cursed and shunned to mediocrity

    but now that the light appears to be shining right on this great team

    i will blog about them once a day during the season

    and far more than you will probably appreciate during this off season

    hope you understand