these were the headlines in the paper last week

LA Times headlinespretty dramatic

and definitely the way a certain type of serious newspapers handles a mass shooting.

the new york daily news’ front page has been a little more dramatic, if you can believe it

and the new york times put a damn opinion piece about gun control on their front page.

when i was at the LAT i was surprised at how much they looked toward NY a North Star of journalism.

it actually turned me off. why look at someone else when you know in your heart how to do it.

also, why look East if you’re not going to take what they’re doing to the next level.

if anything it seemed like what the LAT did was do a watered down version of what the east coast papers did,

and whats the value of that?

so as dramatic as these headlines were, they were, in retrospect simply Journalism 101 compared to the advanced studies that the Daily News and NYT.

so that makes me sad.

at some point the LA Times will be punk rock.

that time is not now.

at some point the pain of the violence that has spread this country which includes Isla Vista and San Bernardino will be accurately reflected in the greatest paper west of the Mississippi

and not just be screaming AP headlines in giant point size.

If you’re going to write a scathing editorial deep inside the paper,

is it really that terrible if you seriously go for it on the front page?

This was the most shared image last week among the people i follow on Facebook

NY Daily News

and this is how they followed it up today

NY Daily News

During a time when you’re having a hard time selling newspapers, LAT,

maybe doing the same old same old expecting different results is insane.