We all should pray for Nardwaur the Human Serviette

the top three interviewers alive today are

3. tony pierce

2. howard stern

nardwuar1. Nardwaur of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

and nardwaur wins by a lot.

thats the good news.

the bad news is the outrageous and lovable journalist had a stroke on Saturday.

Nardwaur was known for his deep research which led to right-on-the-money musical gifts like records from the artist’s chilhood

or posters from concerts that meant a lot to them.

over the last 30 years Nardwaur has interviewed the likes of

Nirvana, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Odd Future, Henry Rollins,

and so many punk, pop, and hip hop artists,

on video,

that after a while it becomes less about the artist and more about their reactions to his gifts.

because i know you pray, when you do, please include Nardwaur in your blessings.

Doot Doola Doot Doo Doot Doo!