what i love about donald trump is hes the epitome of the GOP

donald trump

he talks without thinking

he hates intellectuals

he has no room for subtlety

and he thinks life aint nothing but bitches and money.

and just like when you meet someone who looks weirdly just like you, and sounds like you, and pretty much is you, except for in a more exaggerated way, it rubs you the wrong way.

and you end up hating him.

thats the issue the GOP has with him right now.

trump is the caricature of that party and because he has more money than all of them, he’s not their bitch.

he makes cruz and rubio and especially jeb seem like little whiney tweens in his shadow

the only person that doesnt look super freaky is the super freak of them all ben carson

who tomorrow could tell us that he always thought the world was flat.

in conclusion: this is the most interesting race for president ive ever seen and i hope it never ends.