i know im gonna win the lottery, the question is always how many

zuliekaand then of course the question is, how many ways will i blow the cash.

right away i’ll by my mom a house and a snowmobile. but then what?

today i realized i would be zulieka’s publisher.

i read her post today and it was a delight, as always, and she wrote about how she was too poor to really afford a dress and her extra-curricular activities were often few and far between

but she wrote it in such a way that screamed The Bronte Sisters and i was all, my kingdom for a printing press.

maybe i should just be her agent. maybe i should just rob banks. maybe i should just move to oregon and grow the weed in the wilds of umpqua and sell the weed but keep the hemp and with the hemp make the books.

i am always amazed when people are able to make magic and do it in a way that appears effortless.

maybe because so much of what i do requires so much effort.


i email zulieka but it bounces back.

i text message her but i get an exclamation mark with a circle around it.

i facebook message her but nothing.

who are these people who dont live and die by the content going in and out of their phones? what planet do they live on? how can i be so carefree? the remote control of my 3rd tv in my 1BD apartment is lost and i panick and buy a brand new one off ebay. imagine if busblog at gmail didnt work?

but zulieka just keeps on keeping on not at all knowing that someone wants to fund a series of books with her name on the spine. and judging from the tone on many of her pages: doesnt care.