1. Tuesday, January 12, 2016

    i have a lot of books. dont read any of them. 

    YaLlgMhthey look good on my shelves.

    the ladies think im smart.

    the crooks never know which ones have cash in them.

    im sure many of them are good, especially the ones written by my friends.

    but come on, people.

    hows a man in 2016 supposed to work two jobs, binge watch television, blog, keep up with current events

    go to concerts

    date east side super models

    participate in several fantasy sports leagues, and create something cool for the LAist, which by the way will start poppin sooner than later so hang in there.

    hows a brother supposed to do all of those things AND read all the books in his many mansions?

    heres what i suspect my life will be like after i win the powerball. i suspect i’ll be doing more traveling and less driving. and on those trips i will read more books.

    especially in those planes where they let you lay down in yr cocoon.

    and poolside

    and oceanside

    and beachside.

    i had to wake up at 6am this morning to work. today will be interesting.