i made it

goldwyn theater

this morning was noms. i got to sleep around 10:30pm last night. woke up at 3:13am!!!! took a quick shower and hit the road.

very proud of myself because i do NOT get to sleep early on command.

but one thing led to another and boom i was asleep.

once i was on the streets of Hollywood, it was a dream.

not a car in sight!

so i cranked the Metallica and shot this little snapchat for yr ass

there was so little traffic that i just took Sunset all the way down to Doheny which is usually a suckers move cuz you’ll get stuck at La Brea and then Crescent Heights  and then for surely along the Strip.

but when no ones there you can pass the Rainbow, see that all of the sweet flowers are still out for Lemmy

realize that one can still turn around, and take a picture and be on time for work

lemmy tribute

so there you go Motörheads.

got to the garage there was a security guard in front of it, which is odd.

i rolled down my window and said, xbi

and he stepped aside.

parked in the best spot in the whole place

that i took a picture because that never happens

best parking space

got to the office and totally forgot that we give all the press delicious breakfast

(in my mind the breakfast is for me)

and took a picture of them because every other day that i arrive that room is empty

the press

got my breakfast, did my job, high fived ppl after we didnt screw anything up

and as i was driving home a huge wave of fatigue hit me

even though i had slept well the night before i was pooped.

so i got home and took a nice nap with the kittens

and was very happy that JJL, the screenwriters of Straight Outta Compton, and Mad Max got nominated.

one thing ive learned from being around and studying the history of the Oscars: theres always surprises.