they dont want you to enjoy your weekend

5zNTgbti have a lot of things i have to write this weekend

a couple are for LAist, and one is to save college journalism.

theyre actually not that hard to do which is maybe why ive been dragging my feet on them.

procrastination is such an interesting phenomenon.

i wonder if it’s truly what separates us from apes.

do you think monkeys see a banana tree in the distance and say, yeah as soon as i watch this here sunset then i’ll monkey my way over there and eat some damn bananas?

i sure know with my cats if they see i forgot to tuck in the strings from my hoodie they waste no time leaping across the room to attack it.

and chew it. and get it stuck in their claws and slobber all over it.

but humans, we think of other, less important things to get in our way to achieving our goal.

i woke up sweating this morning which is something i used to do all the time when i was younger.and it sure is weird to have that happen in the winter with just one blanket and no hot babe next to me.

back when i was in frisco living with the truest i used to soak the bed with sweat all the time. poor girl. in the middle of the night she’d wake me up and id go get a towel and put it over my huge disgusting sweat spot and sometimes we even did a quick sheet swap. she was an angel about it and never complained. the problem back then was i was spooning her too much and all that body heat would cause it

or so i thought.

maybe invisible angels were in my bed last night, keeping me warm, telling me its gonna be all right, that no way would baseball be so stupid as to institute the DH in the national league.