lets say youre a famous star

green room

and you’re presenting at the Oscars and you just need a little tiny bit of peace to go over your lines or chill before you take the stage

and get on tv in front of a billion people

well then the Oscars Rolex Green Room is for you!

conveniently located backstage (stage right) of the curtain, the greenroom is actually two beautiful rooms.

the first, as you see above has couches, a bar, and a sitting room where you can be with your manager, your acting coach, your wife, whoever as you wait to be called onto the stage

the other room is in the back, it has a tv a couch, an a picture of Beyonce to inspire you.

it even has a working fireplace (that part might not be true, but it sure looks like it’s working).

the whole thing is heavily protected, locked down, and quiet despite all the noises and bluster happening all around the backstage area.

speaking of, gotta go.

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