1. Saturday, February 20, 2016

    ali and i went to kanpai last night 


    five years ago this weekend we went to vegas with some of her friends

    we all stayed at the palms place

    and then we saw the black keys play.


    back then the black keys were cool.

    last night was cool because we ended up meeting these very nice women who grew up in the south bay.

    they had just worked out at the cross fit downt he street

    they made the terrible decision of saying,

    “lets just pop into kanpai and have a few slices of king salmon.”

    next thing you know theyre eating drinking and telling us their deepest secrets

    ali at kanpai

    this was all at the new kanpai on sepulveda. ali had never been.

    on a friday at 730pm even the new kanpai is packed so we went to this german place next door

    for a quickie beer drinking competition.

    i let her win.