do you know i love you? i do?

92its 92 in the shade. what year is this? where are you? where am i? in the hills of beverly. texas tea. black gold.

its so hot the winter is vacationing here. its so hot el nino was all, nah it’s too hot.

its so hot my computer really is broken. unrepairable says the repairman.

its so hot im thinking about putting some grammer things in my words.

the computer is so on the fritz im writing to you via esp, because i love you.

the busblogs been rolling for a million years so its seen its fair share of broken computers, effed up internet, injuries.

you just rub some dirt, tussin, or spit on it and shake it off, theres a game we gotta play.

former cub Moises Alou used to pee on his hands which i was thinking about doing but i dont think we need to.

i think i just need to break open my credit card and get that macbook air.

i was gonna use that money for something extravagant and wonderful.

like Coachella?

like SXSW?

like a waterbed?

maybe a little computer is the right move after all.

i do?