1. Sunday, February 21, 2016

    is there something wrong with me that im secretly happy 

    every time Donald Trump wins a state?

    i think he’s winning because people dont like it when other people are full of crap.

    except for our moms, everyones has a little crap in em

    but how insulting when someone thinks that they can just bs us

    believing that we’re just too dense to figure out their lies.

    when trump is wrong about things it isnt because he’s trying to pull the wool over our eyes

    it’s because he’s just not interested in the truth.

    do i want him as president?


    do i think he might lead us to world war 3?

    i dont think the generals would let him do that.

    some people are all talk. bluster. bark, not bite.

    i dont think he would get angry and drop a bomb.

    i also dont think he would build a wall.

    but if he did, it’d be worth looking at.