1. Sunday, February 7, 2016

    super bowl prediction 

    cam newton

    Carolina 44, Denver 12

    if i was a betting man id be in Vegas right now.

    firstly i love Las Vegas, but secondly to bet everything I could on Cam and his Panthers.

    much love to Peyton but he’s running on fumes.

    they beat the Pats and thats nice, but the Pats were banged up and had zero running game

    Cam’s Panthers are not banged up and not only can they run

    but he can run too.

    pretty sure the cheerleaders can run three.

    can Peyton run? uh….

    five points may as well be zero points cuz all its says is as long as the Panthers are a head by more than a FG you get your house back if you bet it on the Super Bowl

    which i would if i was a gambler with a house who knew a bookie who would accept that parlay

    which thankfully i do not because thats scary bc Cam


    get hurt in the first quarter i suppose and then youre homeless

    which is pretty much why i keep my bets small, local,

    and the winner buys lunch.

    no one at work would bet me lunch that Cam is gonna lose this game