1. Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    this morning we rolled out the red carpet for you 


    of course i had to document it.

    little did i know one of my coworkers was documenting me.

    three years ago today I was recently dumped from a job I had been working hard at and I was demoralized.

    One Mr. Mark Johnson said hey I have an extra ticket to the Oscars, wanna come?

    It was a surreal day and night because for years I’d get as close as I could to it and take pics for this very blog and there I was in it, drinking the free bubbly, munching on the Wolfgang Puck food,

    saying hi to Spielberg.

    Never thinking in a million years that my next job would be working there with an All Access pass.

    Life is weird. Hang in there.

    And always be grateful for your beautiful friends.