1. Monday, March 21, 2016

    anna doesnt call me a lot but when she does its cuz she knows im sad 

    annatoday at lunch she called but i didnt pick up. why do girls like the phone so much?!

    i was sad because i was promised that if i did something and worked hard for it then id get it.

    i didnt get it.

    they said i was one percentage point away from getting it.

    i had asked all week, am i close, what do i have to do, whats going on, did i make it?

    but they waited until lunch today to tell me that i was close but no cigar.

    they said you must be disappointed but dont fret we have more of these coming.

    i said

    then i said

    then i was all

    then i was like

    in the olden days id write and write and complain and bang on the desk and knock over the bats and run into the dugout and throw the helmets onto the field and go to each of the bases and throw them into the outfield

    and kick the dirt on the umpire

    and call him and his dead relatives names

    and run to the outfield and climb the fence and run up the bleachers and run into the scoreboard and climb to the top of the clock

    and swan dive down into the street

    and die.

    but thats kids stuff. im an adult now.

    which means i dont make messes on the streets.

    i get justice in court.