1. Wednesday, March 30, 2016

    anna keeps sending me pictures as if 

    annalast night when i was driving a nice nanny home jeanine called so i put her on speaker

    she was telling me that she wasnt coming home and i said fine. when it was over she said ok, i love you!

    i replied likewise and when we hung up i explained to my passenger who jeanine was and that she was sleeping on my couch temporarily.

    oh how sweet that you still tell each other you love each other.

    i said yeah.

    the lady told me that where she’s from (el salvador), when a relationship is over there is no i love yous any more.

    i said, america is sorta the same, but there are exceptions.

    it depends, i told her, on how the relationship was and how it ended.

    i told her that when jeanine and i were over we had a breakup party and three bands played.

    maria the nanny had a hard time comprehending it.

    i said, it was a different time. pre 9/11, pre-internet. we were lucky to have cable tv

    she said, but bands? i said yeah, rock n roll was still alive.

    i said but there are other exes that i dont care to hear from any more, like anna.

    then i told her about anna and then handed her my cell phone and opened the text messages.

    almost every day this woman sends you pictures of herself.

    si, i said.

    pretty girl! she said, with a wink and handed it back.

    i said looks are deceiving, as is anna, which is why i dont really respond and why i would have a very hard time trusting her again, which is why it’s best to move on.

    maria’s accent was thick, but she did understand everything

    and as she got out she said, i love you tony

    and winked.