1. Thursday, March 10, 2016

    had to buy $800 worth of tires today so i did some ubering 

    berniefirst guy i got was a college basketball player who kept to himself.


    then i got these two college freshmen girls visiting here from an ivy league school.

    we talked about the OJ trial and social media and then i dropped off one of them and it was just me and the other.

    i asked her if she liked being in college.

    she said she did but it has been a bit of a culture shock because she went to an all girls private school in manhattan and

    she was raised believing in girl power

    and men and women being equals

    but as soon as she starts going to college she hears her cohorts talk about how

    they want a wife who will stay home and raise the kids

    she said like all of the dudes are like that.

    and she was all, hey why do you think im at college? to learn to change a diaper?

    i said you know what, youve gotta keep that up.

    i told her, when i was in college it was the women who taught me the most,

    especially all the things i was completely wrong about.

    i said, beat it into the boys.

    we need it.

    then she told me one of her classmates is donald trumps youngest daughter.


    i was like, wow, what a perfect name.