1. Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    i used to think i was gonna marry a black girl 

    bingthen i thought i would marry an asian girl

    then a white girl

    then a latina

    now i think i’ll marry whoever is the nicest to me.

    over the last two days ive been driving as much uber as i possibly can because they have this cash bonus if you do 75 trips.

    little do they tell you its impossible to do 75 trips if everyone else in LA is trying to get 75 trips

    so in a twisted way its genius of uber because we’re running around like crazy

    giving people $4 rides in our mercedeses

    on one hand it makes you feel like quitting the whole thing at the end of the week

    and on the other hand you meet all these super cool people who you wouldnta normally met because

    you wouldnta been out at 11pm looking for annnnnnyone to ping you.

    got this smelly chef tonight.

    then got this korean kid who said korea is cool if youre a party animal but not if youre chill

    then got these two beautiful saudi ladies with incredible clothes.

    then got a lady with leather pants who quietly farted and it smelled like burning hair.

    then got this dude who was super cool, and then a lady who wanted to talk about Bowie

    but the best was a young record producer with crazy hair

    it was my longest trip and he told me to relax

    that rock n roll is coming back

    via skye ferra

    tame impala

    and haim.

    and i was all, toss some guitar solos in there

    please and thank you.